Powerful DataTrack System and Mobile Monitoring Services

Through its quality software, Magnoware plays a pivotal role in the day by day workings of countless companies around the world. Magnoware is headquartered in San Luis Obispo, California.

Partners and Affiliates

  • Dacris Software – Dacris Software offers high quality software products, mobile monitoring and consulting services at affordable prices.
  • Shareup – Vast shareware library.
  • Help Desk Software Directory – A directory of suppliers of help desk software, call center software and help desk management resources.
  • Pumpic android monitoring – a website of an application for children’s online safety.

Our offerings and solutions are designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency on all stages of business performance. We implement cutting-edge technologies together with workable management software to bring into life the best business practices and advanced decision-making algorithms.

Our main goal is to deliver the best experience to our customers. With our help you will be able to manage and optimize the whole service operation and master every service moment. We meet and exceed all expectations of our customers as we propose customize approach to every problem set by our client and put in the best licks to provide the most appropriate decision to solve the problem.