Browsing through the Internet it is possible to find thousands of apps and platforms that are aimed to find and store data and all of them have certain advantages and disadvantages. Here you will find information about several the most efficient and convenient web-based databases you can use at your heart’s desire:


The design of this app will never tell you that it is a common relational database. This application stands out of the crowd thanks to user-friendly interface, great performance and set of useful features. In fact, Blist is a basic database created for people who are not tech-savvy.


This service doesn’t resemble the databases we get used to, actually, this service gives a possibility to create certain forms for collecting data from visitors with no knowledge of coding language required. These forms are easy to create and easy to use and they help owners of the sites to gather as much information from visitors as possible.

Zoho Creator

This platform is not a database, be more precise, it is a tool for database apps creation. There is no need to develop the app from the very beginning as the platform proposes huge variety of templates, though, the number of apps you can create is limited, unless you purchase premium mode. Zoho Creator gives a possibility to embed the freshly created database to your website.


This drag-and-drop platform allows you to create different types of databases without profound knowledge of programming languages. Visual workflow simplifies the development process greatly, so it will come in handy to those who want efficient and productive apps but don’t want to get involved in the maze of programming.


This tool is aimed to transforming Excel spreadsheets into web-based databases. This tool is business-oriented, so with its help it is also possible to run email marketing campaigns. TrackVia is helpful and productive service, though there are no free accounts at all – the cheapest plan costs $30.