Here we have handpicked the free tools for sys admins that will help them to monitor devices, services, ports and protocols.

Network Monitoring Tools Suggestions

  1. Microsoft Network Monitor is a free analyzer that gives a possibility to capture, view and analyze network traffic. The tool supports more over 300 public and Microsoft proprietary protocols.
  2. Nagios is a monitoring tool that will help you to check critical systems, apps and services. Among the features of the tools are alerting, event handling and reporting. Nagios Core is the basis of the tool where you can implement plugins that give a possibility to monitor services and metrics. Nagios XI has a free version that doesn’t require installing and configuring of the tool from scratch.
  3. OpenNMS is an open source application that manages discoveries, events and notifications. The tool requires client app for the Apple devices so you will be able to check outages, nodes and alarms on the go.
  4. Advanced IP Scanner helps to detect any network devices on the network. With its help you will be able to connect to shared folders and common services like HTTP and FTP.
  5. Capsa Free is a monitoring tool that checks the network traffic, troubleshoot network issues and analyze packets.
  6. Fiddler analyzes incoming and outgoing data for monitoring and modifies requests and responses. This tool is used for debugging and testing the performance of the websites.
  7. NetworkMiner parces the data to extract files and images giving you a picture of user’s actions on the network.
  8. Pandora FMS is a monitoring and management tool that checks the condition of server, applications and communications.
  9. Zenoss Core is an IT monitoring platform that checks apps, servers, storage and network.
  10. PRTG Network Monitor Freeware keeps track of the network availability and network usage using different protocols like SNMP, Netflow and WMI.