There is always a possibility that data on your phone is collected by unknown spies, in most cases, the Cabinet spies. A lot is said about the sensational WikiLeaks, where series of docs were released under name Spy Files – list of producers and providers of spyware that collects information for government agencies.

What is spyware?

Spyware – this is the main means of spying provided by organizations like Hacking Team. Distinguishing feature of such spyware is that they work in stealth mode so it is invisible to the user. When the production of Hacking Team fell into hands of investigators, they tried to figure out, what are the potential possibilities of the corporate software companies and what they can track. It seems their possibilities can shock anyone.

Researchers have focused on the mobile modules of the spyware, with great emphasis on Android and iOS and they were shocked by the amount of data, that this tool can collect.

In case of iOS the tool can:

  • Track web browsing
  • Look through call history
  • Log emails, SMS and MMS
  • Read notes and clipboards
  • Check calendar
  • Record voice
  • Log keystrokes
  • Activate microphone

How does spyware infect your device?

One soothing thing there is: to install the spyware spy has to install it to the device, so he should have acess to it it, also the Apple device has to be jailbroken.

Another way to infect the device is to connect it to the PC with installed Hacking Team’s app – and the device should be unlocked. Surfing the Internet will not infect your device, so you can do it without fear, however, still be aware that such tools exist.

Surprisingly enough, the producer and owner claims that the only purpose of it is legal surveillance only, and the website of the company admits that the main customers of their product are governmental bodies. Researchers found out that one of the biggest customers of this company is the U.S., and several IPs of the customers were distinguished as government-related. So beware of the eye of Big Brother.