Browsing through the Internet it is possible to find hundreds of apps that are aimed for search and storage of data. Here we are going to discuss various web-based databases that may come in handy when you need to store different types of data.

Web-based Databases Suggestions

  1. This eye-pleasing and user-friendly interface hides relational database. It has intuitive design, so it saves time and nerves. The principles of work include filtering of displays and in fact, it is a simple spreadsheet database.
  2. Wufoo is not a database as many people imagine: it is a service that creates HTML forms where you can place collected info from the visitors of your site. And there is no need to learn a programming language for it. This service can be used not only for business purposes – it may come in handy in the real life too.
  3. Zoho Creator uses AJAX interface to create simple database applications and variety of templates allows you to create the application that will meet all your requirements and you don’t have to create it from the very beginning. Free Personal account enables you to create up to five applications and you can enlarge the number of available apps purchasing Pro version of the service.
  4. Coghead is a perfect tool for creation of visual forms of web applications and much more. Here you can create several types of databases using drag-and-drop. You don’t have to be a professional developer equipped with knowledge of several scripting languages to create an app here.
  5. Dabble DB is user-friendly and intuitive database application builder that allows you to create an app literally in several minutes. However, free options are extremely limited here, so if you want to use it properly, it would be better to purchase full version.
  6. TrackVia turns Excel spreadsheets into web-databases and the other options of this service are perfect for marketing goals (for example, you can run email marketing campaign with its help).