GPS Privacy Issues: What Threats Location Tracking Bears

It was predicted long ago that sooner or later the Global Positioning System (better known as GPS) would raise many questions in the sphere of privacy. Today these predictions pay for themselves and GPS often becomes the negative message of the day. The US Supreme Court decisions on GPS added fuel to the flame. GPS […]

Under the Magnifying Glass: How to Remain Anonymous Online?

After several breaking news about larger companies who upload their address books with your data online and track your every step online, it is not a surprise for people that they are being watched. Businesses are ready to pay a lot of money for knowing everything about you, and service providers gladly grab all of […]

Is It Possible for Government to Control Your Phone?

There is always a possibility that data on your phone is collected by unknown spies, in most cases, the Cabinet spies. A lot is said about the sensational WikiLeaks, where series of docs were released under name Spy Files – list of producers and providers of spyware that collects information for government agencies. What is […]

Police Takes on Board Cellphone Data Spying

The National Security Agency is constantly under an accusal of collecting data from personal cellphones. And now local police is also suspected in using new technologies that allows its experts to capture data from thousands of private cellphones. How does cellphone tracking work? The investigation of the work methods of more than 125 police agencies […]

Perfect Web Databases for Collecting and Storing Data

Browsing through the Internet it is possible to find thousands of apps and platforms that are aimed to find and store data and all of them have certain advantages and disadvantages. Here you will find information about several the most efficient and convenient web-based databases you can use at your heart’s desire: Blist The design […]

Applications for Creation, Editing and Accessing Personal Databases

There are applications that help to keep track of your data stored in the databases – and there are so many with different sets of options that you will be able to select the one that will fully meet your requirements. Database Manager Apps Suggestions HanDBase for iPad by DDH Software, Inc. is an enhanced […]

Network Monitoring Must-haves for Sys Admins

Here we have handpicked the free tools for sys admins that will help them to monitor devices, services, ports and protocols. Network Monitoring Tools Suggestions Microsoft Network Monitor is a free analyzer that gives a possibility to capture, view and analyze network traffic. The tool supports more over 300 public and Microsoft proprietary protocols. Nagios […]

Collect and Store Data with Help of Web Databases

Browsing through the Internet it is possible to find hundreds of apps that are aimed for search and storage of data. Here we are going to discuss various web-based databases that may come in handy when you need to store different types of data. Web-based Databases Suggestions This eye-pleasing and user-friendly interface hides relational database. […]