There are applications that help to keep track of your data stored in the databases – and there are so many with different sets of options that you will be able to select the one that will fully meet your requirements.

Database Manager Apps Suggestions

  • HanDBase for iPad by DDH Software, Inc. is an enhanced database manager with fully-fledged set of features that gives a possibility to access the data whenever and wherever you want or you can download the database directly using the web browser. The setup is really easy, the app contains extensive template library and a list of field types.
  • Tap Forms Organizer and Secure Database by Tap Zapp Software Inc. is a user-friendly database app that has a lot of pre-made templates. You can customize the templates to make them appropriate for your needs. The app supports Dropbox, email, web an ftp options.
  • DataTap database – Free backup app Mac+PC by VenticentoStudio proposes  a set of database templates for personal, finance, hobby, work and family categories. There is also a free iBackup app that goes with this app that gives a possibility to sync the databases for import and export.
  • My Stuff by Rick Maddy helps to organize and make a catalogue of home inventory. The app is really simple and user-friendly and there are many default field types that help to catalogue books, movies and lookup.
  • StoreItPro Business Forms by Facdatum Limited gives a possibility to import and export data through simple web application.
  • iSort by Frederic Bayle gives access to 4D databases and you can do it remotely with help of your Apple device. With help of bandwidth management you will be able to optimize the large databases.
  • CSV Touchby Ozymandias is a viewer of the databases that doesn’t give a possibility to manage them.
  • My Database Manager by C.E.O. suppors SQLite databases and .csv files only.
  • SQLite Database Console by Facdatum Limited allows the user to get access to SQLite databases.